03/26/2013 08:35 pm ET

Tiger Woods, Arnold Palmer Commercial: Golf Icons Fight Trophy Thieves In Video Game Ad (VIDEO)

By David Rogers, Awful Announcing

Arnold Palmer and Tiger Woods want to hold onto their trophies and they're willing to go to extreme lengths to protect them. Woods tweeted the latest ad for EA's PGA Tour '14, where he and Palmer are approached by various men that demand for the two golf legends to hand over their trophies. Woods and Palmer "battle" to protect their trophies before a surprise face shows up to assist - Lee Trevino.

So, what's the point of Woods, Palmer and Trevino channeling their inner Bruce Lee? Evidently, it's to show off how you can battle the greats on the golf course when you play PGA Tour '14. If we're to believe the commercial, you'll also invite over 10 of your friends to watch you pretend to swing a golf club.

We all hope that EA will include some sort of bonus mode in the game where you can actually duke it out alongside some of these legends, but that seems rather unlikely.



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