03/27/2013 09:11 am ET

Stupidest Egg Separator: The Battle Has Begun (PHOTOS)


Honestly, we thought we were having a change of heart. When we rounded up our favorite sandwich cutters, we thought, "maybe we're not so jaded about novelty kitchen products." Congratulations, cute sandwich cutters, you are truly the exception to the rule. We've brought you stupid grilling tools, stupid fruit slicers and the silliest chip clips we could find. We thought we'd seen it all. And then we googled "egg separator."

Look. We know that not everyone is confident in the kitchen, but there are certain things you just need to learn to do. Chief among them: separating an egg with your hands. It's not complex. You crack it, drop it into one hand over the bowl you've designated for the whites, and pass it back and forth until the white has relieved itself of the yolk. Done. Do you need a plastic utensil for this? More importantly, do you need to buy something to do this? No. No you do not.

Without further ado -- earth's stupidest egg separators.

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Egg Separators