03/27/2013 04:23 pm ET

9 Likely Winners Of Google's #IfIHadGlass Campaign Who Are Luckier Than You

Google Glass announced on Tuesday that it had picked the winners of its #ifihadglass campaign -- in which "creative individuals" had to tweet or post on Google+ about what they would do with a pair of the futuristic glasses if they had the opportunity to try them. Google has yet to formally identify any of the lucky 8,000 people getting Google Glass, but we have some clues.

In an email Google sent to Business Insider, the tech giant listed six "fun" submissions it had received for the #ifihadglass campaign. If Google is using them as exemplars, it's likely they may be among the winners. Others have claimed to be winners on Google+ and Twitter, even retweeting or reposting messages they supposedly received from Google. Though we can't know whether these messages are the real deal, they may in fact be coming from the judges' genuine choices.

When the #ifihadglass campaign began, many speculated that Google was trying to extend its reach beyond the early-adopter community. Based on the clues, the winners appear to be at least more gender-diverse than the mostly male developers who signed up to receive copies of Glass at Google's I/O development conference last summer. We've got college students, firefighters and even zookeepers among those who may have won the new gadget.

Below, check out our gallery of possible #ifihadglass campaign winners.

Possible Winners Of Google Glass