03/27/2013 04:55 pm ET

HitRECord On Pivot: Joseph Gordon-Levitt Launches TV Show

Between his booming film career and production company HitRECord, Joseph Gordon-Levitt's a busy guy ... with just enough time for his own variety show.

On Wednesday, the actor announced that he was partnering with Pivot, Participant Media's new cable TV network, for "Hit RECord on TV!" via Twitter.

Gordon-Levitt will serve as a host on HitRECord's Pivot show, which will feature short films, live conversations and performances.

Because HitRECord is a collaborative productive company, as Gordon-Levitt explains in the video above, anyone can pitch in and artists will be paid if their work is used.

"These guys actually get it," he said with Participant Media President Evan Shapiro at an upfront presentation in New York on Wednesday. "They're not just interested because I'm in Batman ... If I wanted to make maximum money, I wouldn't have started an open platform production company."

Pivot's goal with "HitRECord on TV!" is to reinvent the variety show, a genre Gordon-Levitt is passionate about. "I love variety, I like performing live ... I grew up on 'Third Rock From The Sun' performing live for big laughs ... Let's just do a whole bunch of really fun shit."

Production begins soon on "HitRECord On TV!," which will launch on Pivot in August.

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