03/27/2013 08:13 am ET

Kate Gosselin's Style Evolution: From Spiky Hair And Mom Jeans To Sleek Dresses And Self Tanner (PHOTOS)

"My kids are the reason I have always done everything." That is a statement that Kate Gosselin has lived by every day since giving birth to sextuplets back in 2004. The mother of eight, who got her own reality series "Jon & Kate Plus 8" after the birth of her children, quickly skyrocketed to fame and found herself, along with her family, on the cover of every major tabloid in America.

Following a messy divorce and the cancellation of her TLC show, Kate's life turned upside down, and so did her style. Gosselin, a former devotee to mom jeans, turned to slinky dresses and stilettos (otherwise known as a fashion 180).

Her hair has also been a major topic of conversation. "The Gosselin" didn't exactly inspire women like "The Rachel," but countless memes and articles have been dedicated to the short and spiky 'do.

In celebration of her 38th birthday (on Mar. 28), we are taking a look back at Kate's dramatic style evolution. Gosselin may not be known as a trendsetter, but her shift from cardigans to cleavage-baring tops is something worth noting.

Kate Gosselin's Style Evolution

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