03/27/2013 11:20 am ET

Kyle Voissem Convicted: Ex-UIC Gymnast Found Guilty Of Scalding Dog With Boiling Water

A former star member of the University of Illinois-Chicago's gymnastics team is facing prison time for scalding his dog with boiling water.

Kyle Voissem, 21, was convicted Tuesday of felony animal cruelty and ordered to undergo a psychological evaluation, according to DNAinfo Chicago.

The former gymnast was initially charged with a misdemeanor in the October 2011 attack wherein he dumped scalding water, which he'd been boiling to prepare macaroni and cheese, on his dog after he witnessed it urinating on the floor.

But the Chicago Tribune reports animal rights advocates lobbied the Cook County State's Attorney's office to upgrade the charge to a felony, which they did in January 2012.

Voissem faces a sentence of up to three years in prison when he is sentenced in May.

The dog, a 11/2 pound Mountain Cur mix, sustained second- and third-degree burns in the attack and was given to Anti-Cruelty Society, which treated the dog and placed him with new owners after he recovered, according to NBC Chicago.