03/27/2013 12:29 pm ET

Louie Gohmert Got 'Rude And Irate,' Refused To Pay $25 Parking Ticket: Police

Nobody likes getting a parking ticket, and Rep. Louie Gohmert (R-Texas) is reportedly not an exception.

According to a Park Police report obtained by Politico, Gohmert was cited earlier this month after parking his vehicle in a spot near the Lincoln Memorial reserved for National Park Service vehicles.

When Gohmert returned to his car sometime after 11 p.m. on March 13, he found a $25 ticket on his windshield. In his subsequent attempts to argue his way out of the ticket, Gohmert became "rude and irate," according to one Park Service officer's report, while another claimed that the conservative firebrand began "ranting."

Gohmert reportedly referenced his position on the House Natural Resources Committee, which oversees the National Park Service, and claimed that his congressional placard allowed him to park in the space. A spokesperson for Gohmert told Politico that the "officer accepted the ticket back and apologized," though the report apparently doesn't mention that happening.

(Click over to Politico for the entire report.)

While Washington lawmakers do receive special parking permits that spare them some of the pain of the city's complex zoning system and overcrowded streets, it hasn't stopped them from getting parking tickets.

Not that they pay the tickets. Roll Call reported in 2011 that vehicles registered to members of Congress were carrying at least $15,000 in outstanding tickets at the time, for violations ranging from expired meters to speeding camera violations. Some members paid their tickets after hearing from Roll Call, but most apparently didn't.



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