03/27/2013 01:15 pm ET

Mitt Romney On Post-Election Life: 'It's Good To Live A Normal Life Again'

Mitt Romney may have previously likened campaign life to the thrill of riding a roller coaster, but on Wednesday the former Republican presidential candidate said that “it’s good to live a normal life again.”

Speaking with conservative radio pundit Dennis Miller, Romney explained that while campaign life was “exciting,” he’s fine with being outside of what he called “the bubble.”

“Being in your own charter aircraft, having the Secret Service accompany you everywhere you go and outside your front door at night -- I mean, it’s really quite an unusual thing and kind of exciting,” Romney explained. “But I have to admit, being able to go back to our own life, and going to the grocery store and shopping on my own is kind of nice.”

“It’s good to live a normal life again,” Romney added.

Romney -- who has maintained a relatively low profile since the November election -- has made several appearances in recent weeks, including a speech at the Conservative Political Action Conference earlier this month.

On Wednesday, Romney expressed that he still feels disappointment over his unsuccessful bid for the White House.

“I’m very concerned about the country,” Romney told Miller. “That’s the frustration with losing -- which is, I don’t have the influence I obviously could have had had I won that election.”



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