03/27/2013 09:42 am ET

'The Wolverine' Trailer: Hugh Jackman Has His Claws Out (VIDEO)

After two days of Vines and teases, Twentieth Century Fox has released the full trailer for "The Wolverine" onto the film's U.K. YouTube page.

Starring Hugh Jackman as the title superhero, "The Wolverine" is the latest attempt to give the "X-Men" favorite a standalone film, following the much-derided 2009 movie "X-Men Origins: Wolverine." (In that regard, Wolverine and Hulk have a lot in common beyond rage issues and near invincibility.) Here, the events take place after "X-Men: The Last Stand," putting Wolverine on a solitary path that finds him in Japan.

James Mangold directed "The Wolverine," stepping in for Darren Aronofsky, who left the production in 2011 because it meant being away from his family.

"As I talked more about the film with my collaborators at Fox, it became clear that the production of 'The Wolverine' would keep me out of the country for almost a year," Aronofsky said. "I was not comfortable being away from my family for that length of time. I am sad that I won't be able to see the project through, as it is a terrific script and I was very much looking forward to working with my friend, Hugh Jackman, again." Jackman and Aronofsky worked together on the 2006 film "The Fountain."

Fox is set to release "The Wolverine" on July 26. Watch the trailer above.

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