03/28/2013 10:22 pm ET Updated May 28, 2013

'America's Most Wanted' Canceled, But Lifetime Developing 'John Walsh Investigates'

"America's Most Wanted" has been canceled.

According to TV Guide Magazine, which first reported the news, Lifetime will not pick up "America's Most Wanted" after its impressive 25 seasons.

Despite the reported cancellation of "America's Most Wanted," TV Guide Magazine reports that Lifetime is looking to create another series with the show's host and executive producer John Walsh. According to The Hollywood Reporter, the project is called "John Walsh Investigates" and "would take a different approach to his victims' advocacy work."

Lifetime has confirmed "America's Most Wanted's" cancellation and the upcoming pilot with Walsh to The Huffington Post.

"America's Most Wanted" aired on Fox from 1988 to 2011, when it was canceled by the Fox Television Network in May. But shortly thereafter in September, Lifetime picked up "America's Most Wanted" and it began airing there on December 2, 2011.

In its run on Lifetime, 44 episodes of "America's Most Wanted" aired and there were 36 captures. Since its launch on Fox in 1988, however, "America's Most Wanted" has led to 1,202 fugitives worldwide. Recently, TV Guide Magazine notes, the show missed a number of high-profile stories, including the Sandy Hook School shooting and the hunt for fugitive Christopher Dorner in the LA area.

But "America's Most Wanted" is nothing if not resilient -- it was canceled two other times besides the 2011 instance.

For more on "America's Most Wanted's" cancellation, click over to TV Guide Magazine.

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