03/28/2013 10:50 am ET Updated Mar 29, 2013

Google Glass Will Be Made In America

Sure, Google Glass is cool, but it's also weird looking. In an effort to get Google Glass on more people's heads, the company has a new strategy to make Glass more likable: Slap a "Made in America" sticker on it.

Google will (at least initially) manufacture Glass in the U.S., The Financial Times reports. Google is working with Foxconn to make Glass in Silicon Valley, near Google headquarters. This gesture is, arguably, one in a long line of brilliant PR moves that Google has employed to get Glass to be seen as hip.

Google has been creating partnerships between Glass and trendy companies like Warby Parker, and it has been tweaking the design to make the device more fashionable. The company is also controlling exactly who is seen wearing Glass -- just this week, Google started to announce the winners of their "#IfIHadGlass" campaign, in which Google chose people who it deemed cool enough to be one of the first few thousand to try Glass.



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