03/28/2013 09:08 am ET Updated Mar 28, 2013

Jon Stewart Hammers Obama On VA Benefits Delays: 'That Is F*cking Criminal' (VIDEO)

Jon Stewart gave the Obama administration a stern talking-to on Wednesday, accusing the president of failing wounded veterans. And on this one issue, he explained, there are no more fingers to point at Republicans.

Revealing that the number of veterans waiting over a year for benefits has grown a mind-blowing 2000% during Obama's tenure, Stewart pulled no punches: "That is fucking criminal." He went on to show that the failure isn't a result of obstruction or funding, but of organization and oversight.

Central to the problem seems to be that the VA still keeps track of most patient records on paper, due to the the Department of Defense using a different – incompatible – spreadsheet program. "I swear this is true," Jon interjected while laying out that almost unbelievable fact.

He then pointedly argued that this is one area where the president could simply make a decision, lead and have a positive impact on the treatment of wounded veterans.

"If you're making a case that government has a meaningful role to play in improving people's lives, then when you're not obstructed from doing what you want, you better f*cking bring it."

Watch the clip above.



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