03/28/2013 12:37 pm ET

Ke$ha's 'My Crazy Beautiful Life' Gets Emotional First Trailer That Also Includes Burps (VIDEO)

"It's scary when you realize your dreams, because dreams end," Ke$ha says in the first full trailer for "My Crazy Beautiful Life," an MTV documentary about her crazy beautiful life. "I don't want this dream to end."

Airing April 23 at 11 p.m. EDT, "My Crazy Beautiful Life" details all things Ke$ha, from the highs (sold-out concerts and shoddy but energetic cartwheels) to the lows (dealing with mean bloggers and bad reviews). As previously reported, the film will also include a moment where Ke$ha drinks her own urine, because of course. That isn't shown in the trailer (mercifully), but Ke$ha does unleash a rafter-rattling belch. Ke$ha's brother is the director of "My Crazy Beautiful Life."

Watch the first trailer, which makes the film look more like Katy Perry's "Part of Me" than Beyonce's "Life Is But A Dream," in the window above.

[via THR]

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