03/28/2013 10:07 am ET

Lawrence O'Donnell On Rush Limbaugh-Bill O'Reilly's Gay Marriage Feud: 'They Hate Each Other' (VIDEO)

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Lawrence O'Donnell couldn't resist mocking Rush Limbaugh and Bill O'Reilly's emerging feud over gay marriage.

O'Reilly recently flip-flopped on gay marriage, saying that people who oppose same-sex marriage have not "been able to do anything but thump the Bible." Limbaugh took note, alleging that O'Reilly had "marginalized" opponents of gay marriage.

The jab is the latest in their feud, according to O'Donnell on Wednesday night. The MSNBC host said that the two men simply "hate each other" and are "very jealous of each other. There has been animosity between the two of them, O'Donnell said, since O'Reilly tried to compete with Limbaugh on radio and Limbaugh tried to make it on television.

"If you listen to these two guys... they never mention each other's names, ever — until today," O'Donnell said.

He also called O'Reilly out for changing his view on gay marriage, before slamming President Obama and Bill Clinton for doing the same. O'Reilly has previously compared same-sex marriage to bestiality.

On Tuesday, O'Reilly said that he didn't "feel that strongly" about gay marriage "one way or another" and thought the decision should be left to individual states. "I want all Americans to be happy," he said, adding, "I live in New York. New York is fine with it."



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