03/28/2013 08:44 am ET Updated Mar 28, 2013

Lindsay Lohan, Kristen Stewart Friends: Actresses Hanging Out Before Rehab (REPORT)

Charlie Sheen's not the only one to have reached out to Lindsay Lohan amid her courtroom and rehab drama. The New York Post reports that the troubled 26-year-old actress has been hanging out with "Twilight" star Kristen Stewart , who may understand a thing or two about negative attention from the tabloids.

"They met through one of Lindsay's friends who also knows Kristen," the Post quotes a source as saying. "Lindsay was invited up to Kristen's house last week, and they hung out with Robert Pattinson who was back from filming in Australia. Lindsay and Kristen discussed their careers, creative ideas and how they deal with living under the focus of the media and the paparazzi."

If so, the fast friendship between Lohan and Stewart wouldn't be the only odd pairing the "Liz & Dick" star has made in Hollywood thus far. In addition to Sheen, Lohan had found friends in James Franco, Lady Gaga and The Wanted's Max George, all of whom have spoken out about Lohan in one way or the other.

Lohan is due to start 90 days in "lock-down" rehab May 2.



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