03/28/2013 08:45 am ET

'Psych' 100th Episode Tribute To 'Clue' Features Ending Voted For By Fans (VIDEO)

For its 100th episode, "Psych" did a spoof of the 1985 cult classic film "Clue." They even tapped three of the actors from that madcap mystery to guest star, though in new roles. Christopher Lloyd, Lesley Ann Warren and Martin Mull reunited on the screen, joined by Garrett Morris, Curt Smith and Steve Valentine. But this time it was Shawn who figured out who did it.

Actually, it was the viewing audience at home who got to pick which ending they wanted to see. There were five suspects and separate votes held for the East and West coast airings. On the East Coast, it was Garrett Morris' butler character. The band had apparently been stealing his music for years -- he had a mean whistle -- and he was fed up with it.

The West Coast went with a "Clue" alum, voting for the author played by Christopher Lloyd. But said the ending really didn't matter. It was just one part -- or three parts -- of a fun episode celebrating a major milestone for the show.

TV Fanatic felt this was a great tribute to the "Clue" film. "'Psych' captured and reflected its silliest and most iconic features quite well," they wrote. Certainly there was the familiar breathless speed-talking, as well as the mad dashing from room to room.

That's 100 episodes down, but how many more to go? "Psych" continues on Wednesdays at 10 p.m. ET on USA.

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