03/28/2013 08:20 pm ET Updated Mar 28, 2013

San Francisco Giants Opening Day: City Prepares For 2013 Season (PHOTOS)


April is finally almost here!

That's right, sports fans, the boys in black and orange are back from the desert and ready for round two.

On Friday April 5, the team will celebrate its home opener at AT&T Park with giveaways, nearby drink specials and even a Giants-themed bake sale outside of Waterbar. (Serg-eos cookie sandwiches, anyone?)

Though the team experienced a rough spring training start that included injuries and disappointments, Giants president Larry Baer expressed confidence at a press conference on Wednesday.

“As we look into 2013, we’ve been able to do something that doesn’t happen much in professional sports anymore, and that is to bring a team back,” he said. “Essentially the core of the team is returning, and that is something I think is important for fans, and significantly important for the team itself.”

Let's hope Larry's right.

To get pumped for the big day, we've put together a slideshow of the best moments leading up to last year's world championship. Don't see your favorite? Add it in the comments!

Go Giants!

World Series 2012 Best Moments