03/28/2013 05:48 am ET

'True Life: Addicted To Tanning': Teen Uses Tanning Bed Up To Three Times A Day (VIDEO)

On "True Life: Addicted to Tanning," the spotlight fell on Billy. Or maybe those were the lights of the tanning beds he used up to three times a day. The 19-year old was obsessed with tanning, laying out for a minimum of two hours each morning and then heading for another session in the afternoon.

His family got so worried about him, they convinced him to see a dermatologist. His story was so startling, it surprised the doctor who said, "You take the cake here in the practice. I’ve never heard of anybody going so often as you go."

The doctor warned Billy that excessive tanning is going to make him look bad as a best-case scenario. He could also get cancer, and that could potentially kill him.

"I never thought that I could actually kill myself from trying to look good and tan. I guess I’ve gone too far," Billy said.

In fact, the wake-up call proved just what he needed, as Billy quit going to tanning beds altogether. He uses at-home self-tanners now. MTV checked up on him, and Billy is staying true to his vow to stay away from tanning beds. He decided that being healthy in the long run is better than being bronze now.

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