03/29/2013 01:58 pm ET Updated Mar 30, 2013

Chicago Bulls Fan Loses Heat Bet, Eats Two Spoonfuls Of Cinnamon, One Whole Lemon (VIDEO)

This is what you get for betting against your own team.

Granted, this young Chicago Bulls fan, known as Reddit user BlueSlam, had sound reasons for betting that his team wouldn't snap the Miami Heat's amazing 27-game winning streak. Injuries, for one. And you know, LeBron. Even Blogabull, whose fan affiliation you can probably deduce, called the Bulls win a "miracle" in retrospect.

But even if this 17-year-old can't be accused of making a bad bet regarding who'd win, his choice of terms was a nothing short of a karmic lightning rod for the Reddit sports community. BlueSlam's promise to down two spoonfuls of cinnamon and a whole lemon if the Bulls won shot to the top of a discussion thread.

Following Bulls victory Wednesday night, BlueSlam made good on his word, and filmed his ingestion of the unsavory snack as proof.

One commenter on YouTube summed up the viewing experience: "I don't understand you, but boy, do I respect you."

Although he does appear to eat spoonfuls of cinnamon -- also known as taking the "Cinnamon Challenge" -- and devour the lemon, there are a couple suspicious cuts in the video he posted. No one is disputing that he kept to his word, but who's to say he didn't have some water to help it go down?

In any case, way to man up, BlueSlam. This is how to lose when your team wins. But don't bet against your team next time.

(Via Daily Dot)



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