03/29/2013 05:06 pm ET Updated Mar 30, 2013

Fox News Hosts Say Government Should Fund White House Tours Instead Of Sex Ed (VIDEO)

Who needs sex education classes when you could have an entire century of White House tours?

Discussing the government's dispensing of funding Friday morning, the hosts of the conservative "Fox and Friends" program suggested that White House tours are more valuable than sex ed programs.

Ever since the announcement that public White House tours would end March 9 due to sequester budget cuts, "Fox and Friends" in particular has kept up a steady stream of criticism. In the past few weeks, the show's hosts have called the decision to do away with tours "childish," a "disaster," and "unbelievable." Friday morning's program was no exception.

"The federal government is spending apparently $350 million for Planned Parenthood-style sex education programs in western states," host Gretchen Carlson complained, during a segment called "What Sequester?"

Co-host Steve Doocy chimed in, calling it ridiculous that the government is cutting programs like White House tours and airplane towers, but that it can still find money to fund a program that "talks about how no sex is unsafe unless it causes pregnancy,"


"$350 million, do you know how long that would keep the white house tours going? 100 years!" Eric Bolling added. "The White House could be open for as long as us and our grandchildren would be around. Instead, they’re going to learn — I don’t even want to know what they’re teaching them."

ThinkProgress notes it’s unclear where Carlson got her "$350 million" statistic from:

Federal funding to support comprehensive, evidence-based sexual education programs comes from several different sources: discretionary funding awarded to President Obama’s Teen Pregnancy Prevention Initiative, grants under Obamacare’s Personal Responsibility Education Program, and funding for the Centers for Disease Control to continue its HIV/AIDS prevention campaigns.

Despite Doocy's claims that "Planned Parenthood-style" sex ed programs maintain "no sex is unsafe," a large part of Planned Parenthood's mission is to raise awareness of the risks associated with sexual activity, including sexually-transmitted diseases.



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