03/29/2013 10:02 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Piers Morgan, Dana Loesch Debate Gun Control (VIDEO)

Piers Morgan battled Dana Loesch on Thursday, going head to head over gun control on his CNN show.

Morgan — who has become an outspoken advocate of gun control since the Newtown shooting — disagreed with Loesch when she said that military-style assault weapons are not out on the streets. Loesch claimed that the call for an assault weapons ban was based on "a false premise," setting off heated cross-talk between Morgan and the other guests on the show's panel.

"If you stab someone with a spoon, it could be qualified as an assault weapon," she argued.

"So you're equating stabbing someone with a spoon to shooting 26 people in five minutes? Really, Dana?" Morgan asked. She claimed that banning automatic weapons would not be effective because a gunman could re-load.

Later, she and Morgan went head to head again when she argued that there was little difference between allowing seven-round versus thirty-round gun magazines.

"How many deaths are okay to you?" Loesch pressed.

"The difference between thirty and seven is 23, so it could save twenty-three lives," Morgan said.

"Seven lives lost are ok with you then," she shot back.

"It's better than losing 30," Morgan countered, adding that he would "draw the line at zero gun deaths in America every year."



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