03/29/2013 05:52 am ET Updated Mar 29, 2013

'Raising Hope' Finale: Cloris Leachman's Dual Role As Maw Maw And Maw Maw's Mother (VIDEO)

Things got wild in the second part of the one-hour "Raising Hope" finale, airing on a special night. For Mother's Day, Burt and Barney tracked down Maw Maw's mother, who was 104 years old and looked a bit like Gollum. Underneath the horrifying makeup, though, was Cloris Leachman herself. It turns out she was just as batty as her daughter.

When Burt brought her home as a surprise, the two women went at each other like kids brawling on the playground. Turns out they hadn't seen each other in 70 years over a quarter. The AV Club loved seeing two Cloris Leachmans going at it like that.

When Maw Maw paid her mother back, all was forgiven -- and then shortly thereafter forgotten. It's a good thing Maw Maw couldn't remember her mother, as she subsequently went and died in the bathroom. According to Zap2It, it was Leachman's idea to take on the dual roles in the episode, and it certainly made for a memorable character -- for the rest of us.

In the first episode, Lee Majors and Shirley Jones returned as Burt's parents to pull a scam on the son who never accomplished anything. They convinced him he was Jewish so he would go through with a bar mitzvah. That way they could pocket the money for a cruise. Oh, and for no reason people kept randomly breaking into song.

"Raising Hope" has already been picked up for a fourth season by Fox.

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