03/29/2013 11:19 am ET Updated Mar 29, 2013

Timothy Dluhos Supporters Threaten New York Post Reporter Candice Giove For Uncovering EMT's Racist Tweets

After New York Post reporter Candice Giove confronted New York City EMT Timothy Dluhos about his secret, racist "Bad Lieutenant" Twitter account, the 34-year-old broke down in tears.

"TWEET JUSTICE" was delivered, and Dluhos-- who tweeted about "coloreds," "chinks," called Mayor Bloomberg "King Heeb," and bragged about his Nazi paraphernalia-- was suspended from his $93,000-a-year job.

Now supporters of Dluhos have unleashed a series of vile tweets directed at Giove, in some instances wishing physical harm upon the reporter.

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Supporters Of Racist EMT Threaten NY Post Reporter

The Post now reports a reader named Ryan Collins sent a message to the paper threatening violence on their reporters, adding, "Just hope you don’t need ems when it happens.”

Additionally, The Post reports Footer and P-Rock, hosts of an online radio show called "The Red Show," heaped praise on Dluhos this week.

"He’s a brave motherf--ker, but in the end he’s going to come out fine . . ." said P-Rock. "He’s been cornered as a racist, and that’s not true. Tim’s our guy.”

After Dluhos called into thank the duo, Footer took a shot at Giove, saying, “Like I said to that dumb c---, ‘He’s out there saving lives!’

The hosts then attacked Giove for her apparent ethnicity. “For me she looked a little yellow, like Middle Eastern. I don’t think she should be allowed to carry a backpack.”

Supporters of Gluhos have also launched a fundraiser for the disgraced EMT. A page called "HelpTim" on the online platform Give Forward shows they have raised $355 of their $1,200 goal to help Dluhos recover from losing his job.

Dluhos' racist tweets were uncovered just days after another city EMT, Joseph Cassano-- son of FDNY Commissioner Salvatore Cassano-- was busted for his own racist, anti-semitic tweets. Joseph later resigned from his position.

Also this week, the NYPD issued a warning to officers to be careful of what they post to Facebook and Twitter. More than a dozen officers were punished last year after posting racist comments to a Facebook page titled, "No More West Indian Day Parade."