03/30/2013 02:22 pm ET

James Lilledahl, Austin Bruins Announcer, Screams 'It Was A Clean Hit' During NAHL Game (VIDEO)

By Joe Lucia, Awful Announcing

Last Saturday, the Bismarck Bobcats took on the Austin Bruins in a North American Hockey League game, and Bismarck prevailed 4-3 in overtime. Three of Their goals came in the third period, and two came in the last three minutes of the game after a boarding penalty on Austin's Brandon Whalin Bismarck Gave a five minute power play.

This video Starts with the hit into the boards by Whalin, and the commentator goes nuts for the Bobcats before players hit jump onto Whalin. After starting his call with "OH NO, TO SAVE Whalin've Got!" (Which is up there with "boom goes the dynamite" and "pyrotechnics" in my mind), I then goes into a 35 second long tirade of screaming "IT WAS A CLEAN HIT!" over and over again, pausing only to breathe.

We've confirmed That the announcer making the call is Austin Bruins play by play man James Lilledahl, in his third year broadcasting for the Bruins. Also Lilledahl is the director of media relations for Austin, and I'm sure his inbox is going to be blowing up now That this call is starting to spread like wildfire.

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