03/30/2013 11:04 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Cat Who Lost Ear Defending Kittens Gets New Home (PHOTOS)


A heroic cat who lost an ear defending her kittens has a new home.

The new owner told the story of Jade, the one-eared tabby cat, on Reddit. It began with Jade's former human caretakers, who found her living under an abandoned car with her kittens.

"A nearby family was leaving her food," the Redditor, who goes by the username happythoughts413, wrote. "They heard her crying one day and went out to find her bleeding."

The family didn't see what caused the injuries but guessed feral tomcats, a dog or a raccoon attacking her kittens, the Redditor said. The cat was transported to the veterinarian, where she received stitches and was put up for adoption.

One Saturday, the Redditor went to Petsmart and stopped to look at the dogs that were up for adoption.

"None of the dogs really spoke to me, so I went to visit the kitties for fun," the Redditor wrote. "All of them were kittens except for one skinny ginger tabby with one ear that one of the volunteers was petting."

From the moment she laid eyes on the cat, the Redditor knew it would be hers. She adopted Jade that day.

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A few months later, the Redditor said she went back to Petsmart.

"Oh, you adopted Jade!" said a volunteer, recognizing her from before. "We've actually got her kitten here today!"

The volunteer held up a small tabby cat, who was not as fluffy as her mother but just as playful.

"I'd assumed none of [the kittens] made it, so this news more or less made my month," the Redditor wrote.

That night, she went home and congratulated Jade for being a great mother.



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