04/01/2013 11:08 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Eric Draper, Former George W. Bush Photographer, Gives Inside Look In New Book (VIDEO, PHOTO)

For eight years, photographer Eric Draper had total access to former President George W. Bush. Now he's sharing that access with the rest of the world.

Draper, who served as the chief White House photographer for the span of Bush's presidency, has released a book titled "Front Row Seat: A Photographic Portrait of the Presidency of George W. Bush." Draper appeared on ABC News Sunday to discuss his time working with the former president.

"My job was not to be a distraction. My job was to purely document," Draper told ABC. "That was a very unique role in the White House, to have that much access to the president not to be a participant in the meetings, but to be an observer."

The book -- which includes a handful of the more than four million photos Draper took as White House photographer -- gives an inside look at both tense and touching moments during Bush's presidency, including the "surprise, unscripted moments" like reactions to the 9/11 attacks and presenting a wounded soldier with a Purple Heart.

Draper's book also depicts personal moments between Bush and former First Lady Laura Bush, as well as the former president wearing a personalized boxing robe:

eric draper george w bush

"A lot of those moments I had to wait, just hang out and wait, and luckily I was there to capture that funny moment," Draper said.

Draper also served as campaign photographer for former Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney. He captured Romney in a similar array of moments, from the campaign-trail upset of Hurricane Sandy to the typical rallies and election-year socializing.

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