04/01/2013 12:47 pm ET Updated Apr 01, 2013

FDNY EMTs Posted Graphic Photos Of Patients To Facebook, Twitter

The NYPD may be warning officers to keep their social media accounts clean, but it appears the city's EMT workers are the ones in need of some stricter departmental guidelines.

The New York Post reports several city EMT workers have been caught posting graphic photos of patients on both Facebook and Twitter.

As recently as Wednesday, FDNY worker Anthony Palmigiano posted a shocking photo of a man suffering a neck wound, with the caption "table saw injury," to a Facebook page called EMT/Paramedic. Many of the photos on the page, which has 233,856 likes, come with the disclaimer, "EMT/Paramedic is a medical site for medical professionals and this picture is for EDUCATIONAL and TRAINING purposes only. KEEP YOUR COMMENTS PROFESSIONAL."

Palmigiano's photo clearly shows the face of the patient, which The Post notes is likely a violation of Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act, which protects patients' privacy.

Another photo-- posted to Twitter by none other than "Bad Lieutenant" Timothy Dluhos, the FDNY EMT recently suspended a for a series of vile, racist, and anti-semitic tweets-- shows a woman in a wheelchair with the caption "Wide Load."

News of the patient photos comes just weeks after the son of FDNY commissioner Salvatore Cassano was forced resign from his EMT post following a string of racist tweets.

The FDNY has been criticized for its lack of diversity in its recruiting process. Only 3 percent of the city's firefighters are black. 91 percent are white.