04/02/2013 03:37 pm ET Updated Apr 02, 2013

Chris Brown Compares Himself To Justin Bieber, Says They Get Bad Raps In The Press

Chris Brown feels a kinship with Justin Bieber nowadays, particularly because the 19-year-old superstar is getting a bad rap in the press.

The 23-year-old Virginia native spoke with Power 105.1 FM's "The Breakfast Club" on Tuesday about his upcoming album, "X," and his image four years after assaulting Rihanna. He broached the topic of the media and Bieber, who has been making headlines for his behavior recently.

Brown compared himself to Bieber, saying the press has used both of them as punching bags. "With [Justin], it's a case of how I feel. It's being young, having limitless amount of income for whatever you want to do as a young guy. And then, at the same time, you don't have nobody that's gonna say, 'Hey, bruh, you look whack right now.'"

The "Don't Wake Me Up" singer also mentioned those who blame Lil Twist, Bieber's best friend and alleged host of a weed party at the "Boyfriend" singer's house.

"I just feel like [the mainstream media] are gonna target the little black boys around him and say, 'Hey, so this is why he's doing it.' ... So I pray for [Justin], I pray for myself. I think we both go through it because we're great artists. He's a big artist to his fans and everybody, you know? He's like Baby Elvis out here."

He and Bieber might not be friends, but they did collaborate on 2011's "Next To You," which appeared on the R&B singer's fourth studio album, "F.A.M.E." The two might rub elbows again now that they are both being pursued by The Wanted for the band's next album, according to MTV News.

Bieber is not the first person Brown has compared himself to.

After allegations he assaulted singer Frank Ocean surfaced in January, Brown compared himself to Jesus. He made a portrait of Jesus crucified on the cross and posted a photo of it to Instagram with the caption, "Painting the way I feel today. Focus on what matters!"


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