04/02/2013 03:07 pm ET Updated Apr 02, 2013

Daniel Lee Slaton, Charged In Georgia Murder, Gets Lesser Charges For Testifying

A man convicted in the beating and strangling of another man was given a lesser sentence in exchange for testifying against his brother and a third suspect.

Daniel Lee Slaton, 36, was sentenced on March 22 to 30 years without the possibility of parole in connection to the 2012 beating and strangulation of 25-year-old Justin Arthur Klaffka, according to The Telegraph.

Slaton was charged with aggravated battery, kidnapping and tampering with evidence in the case, but charges of aggravated assault, felony murder and malice murder were dropped as part of a plea agreement that he testify against his brother William, as well as Matthew Jacob Pike. That trial is set for April 15.

Investigators say the Slaton brothers were arguing with Klaffka on April 10, 2012, reportedly because Klaffka had ratted them out over an armed robbery. Klaffka's body was found in the Ocmulgee River several days later, according to Fox 24.

William Slaton and Pike were charged in the beating of Klaffka, while Daniel Slaton was thought to have driven the getaway vehicle, the Georgia Daily News reports.



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