04/02/2013 07:26 am ET Updated Apr 02, 2013

'The Following': Claire Demands To See Her Son, While Joe Tries To Charm Her And Fails (VIDEO)

Just as major splinters began to form between Joe and his second-in-command, Roderick, at the compound on "The Following," Claire arrived. Joe was happy to see her, and tried to control and manipulate her just as he does every other person. But Claire proved she wasn't as malleable as his followers, telling him that all of the charades would never work. She wanted to see her son.

Joe did admit to her that he suffers "from a monomaniacal need to kill. It’ll never go away, it’ll only intensify." But he also loves her, and he's convinced that he can brainwash her into loving him just as his followers do.

Claire gained a modicum of control when she told him that he couldn't call all the shots. She wouldn't even give him a second thought until she saw her son. So by the end of the episode, Joe acquiesced and brought Joey to her. TVLine thought Natalie Zea gave a standout performance in her role as Claire this week, facing an emotional roller coaster. They also predict, however, that the mother/son reunion will be short-lived as Joe reasserts his control.

As for Roderick, he proved he's dangerously unhinged, lashing out at random people and trying to stand up to Joe. Even after his screw-up led to the FBI finding their weapons cache, and killing some of their followers, Roderick was still defiant after Joe punched him in the face and tried to put him in his place. That's a conflict that will only continue to brew.

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