04/02/2013 01:14 pm ET Updated Apr 02, 2013

Have More Sex And Improve Your Sexless Marriage With These Tips (VIDEO)

Here's a stat that may shock you -- 40 million people are considered to be in sexless marriages, characterized as married couples who only have sex 10 times a year or less.

But one can imagine many of these marriages didn't start off as sexless. So what's behind the transition from hot and heavy dating to a sexless marriage?

"When we first are attracted to someone, there are brain chemicals that say 'gotta have you now, can't keep my hands off you'," explained Joan Price, senior sexuality expert and author of "Naked At Our Age," on a recent segment of HuffPost Live.

But as the relationship progresses, "we develop the bonding chemicals" -- that ever-loving oxytocin for example -- "that sometimes aren't as hot," Price said.

So couples facing sexless marriages have to trick their body chemicals into reproducing the loving feeling couples originally felt when they were dating. Watch the video above for tips on how to bring the dating back into your relationship.

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