04/02/2013 06:03 pm ET Updated Apr 03, 2013

John Travolta Sexual Assaults Payout? Not So Fast (UPDATE)

UPDATE: In an email, lawyers for John Travolta told the Huffington Post that the document obtained by Gawker does not reflect that any settlement payments were paid out, but rather it reflects cost and expenses incurred, which they say is consistent with legal fees being paid in connection with the defense of lawsuits that were filed. Additionally, Travolta's legal team would not comment on the authenticity of of the document obtained by Gawker.

PREVIOUSLY: John Travolta has been named in a number of sexual assault lawsuits over the past year, and according to a new report, the actor has paid out a considerable amount of money to settle these claims.

Gawker has obtained an internal report from insurance claims made against the 59-year-old's production company, Constellation Productions Inc. According to the website, the document shows that there were a total of six parties who had privately issued attorney demand letters "alleging sexual assault" within the last year, and that Travolta's insurer has paid out $84,000 against two of the claims.

The "loss-run" report from Chartis Insurance shows that one payment went to a Chicago-area sports therapist, whose allegations had not been previously publicized, and the other payment for $80,750 went to an unnamed masseur. (As noted above, Travolta's lawyers claim that the document in question does not reflect settlement payouts, but rather costs inccurred in connection with the defense of lawsuits that were filed)

In May 2012, Travolta was hit with allegations from two unnamed masseurs who both sued the star for assault and sexual battery. At the time, TMZ reported that the first "John Doe" tried to sue Travolta for $2 million plus punitive damages after alleging that the actor "began rubbing the masseur's leg, touched his scrotum and the shaft of his penis" after having stripped naked during an appointment.

The following day, a man who was identified in the documents only as "Doe Plaintiff No. 2" claimed to have "substantial documentation and numerous witnesses regarding the substance of Travolta's actions." RadarOnline reported that both men were being represented by the same lawyer, and both were seeking $2 million in damages. In the amended complaint, both men sued Travolta for sexual harassment as well.

Those are just two of the sexual assault cases filed against Travolta last year. In June, cruise ship steward Fabian Zanzi filed a suit against Travolta, in which he claimed that in 2009 Travolta allegedly asked for a neck massage, and then exposed his erect penis and forcefully embraced him. In his suit, Zanzi claims that Travolta offered to pay him $12,000 to keep quiet about the alleged incident. In February, both parties agreed to drop the case, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

Similarly, both John Doe plaintiffs dropped their suits merely weeks after they filed them, and though Travolta's lawyer, Marty Singer, had previously insisted that there had been no settlement made in those cases, Gawker claims that Travolta's insurance company documents prove otherwise.

Requests for comment made to Travolta's attorney have not been returned at this time.

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