04/02/2013 06:15 pm ET Updated Apr 03, 2014

911 Dispatcher, Raedyn Grasseth, Sends Mom To Rescue Kayaker Stranded On Columbia River

This was a job for mom.

Last week, a Washington 911 dispatcher responded to a stranded kayaker's call by sending her own mother to the rescue.

Raedyn Grasseth, dispatcher and spokeswoman for the sheriff's office, received a call on Sunday afternoon from a 45-year-old boater whose kayak had sank near a jetty in the Columbia River.

"Jetties are very dangerous," Grasseth told Washington's Daily News on Monday. "It sounds like her kayak just got sucked toward the jetty and went down."

The woman climbed onto a piling of logs while her only companion went to fetch help.

When the news reached the dispatcher, Grasseth put in a call for an officer and called her family members, who live nearby and could likely beat police to the scene, the Daily News reported.

“I knew they could be there within five to 10 minutes,” Grasseth told the Daily News.

Cindy Faubion, Grasseth's mother and an experienced kayaker, quickly paddled to the piling with a kayak and a skiff. She was able to rescue the woman, who was shaken up but didn't need medical attention.

She’s lucky she’s alive, plain and simple,” Grasseth told the paper.

Read the full story at the Daily News.

Quick-thinking public safety officials like Grasseth are real life-savers. Just last month, an off-duty cop jumped into the icy Des Plaines river to save a 7-year-old boy.

A woman and her son were also rescued from the River Thames earlier this year by efficient responders who arrived just minutes after a call for help.


Ordinary Heroes, Extraordinary Courage
Ordinary Heroes, Extraordinary Courage