04/04/2013 04:49 pm ET Updated May 23, 2013

San Francisco Aerial Shots Show Breathtaking Vistas Over The City (PHOTOS, VIDEO)

We'll admit to being fairly cynical when it comes to the plethora of videos and photographs showcasing the beauty of San Francisco.

Yeah, it's real pretty here. We get it.

But, no foolin', this new video from action sports filmmakers Teton Gravity Research absolutely took our breath away.

From sweeping views of the Pacific coastline to secret glimpses of the Financial District's rooftop pools to a slow, luxurious circumnavigation of a tourist-packed Alcatraz Island, the video's beauty and clarity are just about unmatched.

And the second half of the video, when day turns to night, gives viewers the best view yet of the Bay Bridge's new installation, The Bay Lights.

Teton shot the video, which is an example of city porn at its finest, in 4K/Ultra-HD using a RED Epic camera attached to 5-axis gyrostabilized camera platform.

As SF Appeal noted, "it's pretty neat."

If you liked that video, check out these aerial shots of the San Francisco Bay Area by photographer Adrian Mendoza:

SF Aerial Photographs
SF Aerial Photographs

Photographer's statement:

"As a recent transplant to San Francisco - less than 2 years - I'd been eagerly awaiting my first photographic flight over the city. I embarked from the San Carlos Airport with pilot Kevin Hyberger of the San Carlos Flight Center as he guided me safely though some mild turbulence over the bay and into Oakland to stay out of the SFO flight paths.

It was a revelation to get my first aerial perspective over the City. Despite knowing that it is contained with 7X7 miles, I was still not prepared for how close everything was. From the air all sense of scale is lost. To look down on the Marriott Marquis one day, then to stand at ground level on 4th and Mission, and look up at it the next day is a surreal experience. I look forward to many more flights over this beautiful city."