04/02/2013 02:20 pm ET

The Bang Bar In London Is Latest In Niche Hair Salons

Are you ready for another uber specific hair bar?

Stylist Josh Wood opened The Bang Bar in London yesterday, proving that no segment of the coiffe industry is too minor for its own salon. The fringe-specific services are offered at Wood's Atelier in Liberty London and will cost you a whopping £10 per trim, a price better suited for his celebrity clientele like Alexa Chung and Gwyneth Paltrow.

While we can't say we're necessarily opposed to the idea of another primping service, we have to wonder: When will the barrage of niche salons end? It started with the influx of blow-dry bars around New York, London, Paris and Melbourne. Then, we saw everything from braid bars to ponytail bars -- seriously, who are the people paying $50 for a ponytail?

To be fair, bangs seem like a natural next step in the world of specialized salons. In the past few months alone, Michelle Obama and Kate Middleton have debuted their take on bangs (blunt and side-swept, respectively), so if they can't convince you to jump on a hair trend, then we don't know who will.

So tell us: Would you go to a bang bar? Or are you happy tipping your stylist a few bucks to give you a trim?

Which star's bangs would you ask for?

BEHOLD: Celebrity Bangs

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