04/03/2013 06:12 am ET Updated Apr 03, 2013

'Cougar Town': Laurie Finally Confesses Her Feelings To Travis (VIDEO)

John Hughes inspired the gang on "Cougar Town," leading to an episode filled with the internal monologues of the various characters. The bulk of them found themselves in grocery story jail as well, for stealing. Jules wanted to do the first illegal thing in her life, but ultimately backed out.

While the gang was chilling in jail, Travis realized that running around with various women just wasn't doing it for him anymore -- literally. He found himself unable to perform for women he didn't have feelings for. It was Laurie he was pining after.

Luckily, she was reaching the same realization. The penultimate episode of the season saw her finally muster up the courage to tell him how she feels.

"Hey. Um, listen. Don’t interrupt me, because if I don’t say this now, I never will," she said. "Um, I like you. Like, I really like you."

"Me, too," Travis said.

The AV Club loved the emotional confession, calling it "the emotional center" that was more than a long time coming. TV Fanatic thinks the timing is right for the couple to start a relationship, and can't wait to see where that goes. As the show has already been picked up for another season by TBS, fans will get to watch it develop.

For now, come back for the season finale of "Cougar Town" on TBS, next Tuesday at 10 p.m. ET.

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