04/03/2013 12:53 pm ET

One Direction Movie Trailer... With Sock Puppets! (VIDEO)

We think it's safe to say that sock puppets are best left for kindergarten classrooms, but we're willing to make an exception when it comes to 1D. We've been counting down the days until One Direction's 3-D film, "This Is Us," is released this summer, but this hilarious version of their movie trailer helps make the wait a little easier.

Created by CineFix, the trailer features our favorite boy-band as socks and manages to include all the "little things" such as their charming British accents, Harry's style (floppy hair and beanie? Check.), Zayn's emotional phone call home and even the boys goofing off playing Ping-Pong. We approve.

Check out the video above to see the full trailer!

What do you think of this version of 1D's movie trailer? Will you be seeing "This Is Us" this summer? Tell us in the comments or tweet @HuffPostTeen!

[h/t Teen.com]



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