04/04/2013 08:10 am ET

'Arrow': Tommy Quits On Oliver, Takes A Job With His Father, Malcolm AKA The Dark Archer (VIDEO)

Despite their long history together, Tommy had finally had enough on the latest episode of "Arrow." Oliver has been a bit single-minded in his crusade, and hasn't been completely receptive to what Tommy's been going through. When it came out that Tommy fudged some things with the business, making him look suspicious in the eyes of the police, Oliver lashed out.

But Tommy was still grappling with the fact that his best friend kills people from time to time while dressed up like a hooded vigilante. He even continued to help Oliver keep his secret, despite feeling like Oliver was making no attempt to understand or appreciate him.

"You want me to keep your secret, help you be this thing you’ve become," he told Oliver. "But you refuse to see me for what I’ve become. I’ve got just a bit too much self respect for that. I quit."

And so Tommy went to his father -- the Dark Archer -- for a job. One of the probably-too-many people who know Oliver's identity now working or one of his enemies? That can't go wrong, can it?

"This is not good news for our hero at all. As a matter of fact, it couldn’t be worse," CarterMatt wrote of the moment. TV Fanatic agreed, and found themselves left with lots of questions. They wrote, "What are the odds that Malcolm will give to Tommy a normal job? How long will it take before he trusts Tommy enough again to show him his other persona? What in the hell will happen when it all comes together?"

Start looking for answers by tuning in to "Arrow" every Wednesday at 8 p.m. ET on The CW.

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