04/04/2013 11:27 am ET

Felix Lockett Allegedly Dances Naked In Florida Street After Car Crash

Dance like no one is watching . . . unless, you know, the cops are watching.

Florida police responding to a single-car crash Wednesday morning say they found a 34-year-old stoned on a combination of marijuana and formaldehyde, and dancing naked in the street in Orange County, the Orlando Sentinel reported.

"The man, he was naked. Nothing on, I mean nothing,” witness Trudy Lane told CF News 13. “He had the music in the car playing real loud and he was whamming, whamming on the car, like he was beating to the sound of the music.”

A Florida Highway Patrol trooper and two Orange County deputies were overwhelmed by chemical fumes coming from the cabin of Felix Lockett's car, WFTV reported.

"Upon entering the vehicle, they started feeling ill - nausea, headache, vomiting. A couple of other deputies were on scene to assist that trooper. All three were transported to the hospital," Orange County Fire Department spokesman John Mulhall told the station.

What made the cops retch was apparently what made Locket disrobe and bust a move.

Officials determined that the offending chemical was formaldehyde. Lockett allegedly admitted that he had been smoking marijuana laced with the preservative found in many biology classes.

According to CF News 13, Lockett has been charged with driving under the influence.



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