04/04/2013 02:42 pm ET Updated Apr 05, 2013

Hillary Clinton Memoir: 5 Topics We'd Like The Former Secretary Of State To Write About

From rumor to reality, news that Hillary Clinton is penning a new memoir swept through the Internet Thursday morning with a press release from book publisher Simon & Schuster. While it wasn't the confirmation Hillary fans had been waiting for (Hillary for 2016!), it's still an exciting bit of news.

The yet-to-be titled memoir will focus on "her views as to what it takes for the United States to secure and sustain prosperity and global leadership," the Associated Press reported, which makes sense considering Clinton's time as the most traveled Secretary of State placed her in the center of some of the world's most important political and diplomatic events.

"Clinton will write about everything from the killing of Osama bin Laden and the Arab Spring to China and climate change," according to AP, which we're sure will make for a meaty read. But there are a few other topics we wouldn't mind seeing in Hillary Clinton's memoir, which is slated for a June 2014 release. Things like:

Chelsea's wedding
hillary clinton memoir
The closest thing to a royal wedding for Americans, the Clinton's only daughter's wedding in 2010 was met with much media speculation as the family kept mum on the details. We got the press statement version of the story -- "Today, we watched with great pride and overwhelming emotion as Chelsea and Marc wed..." -- but we'd love to read personal anecdotes from the big day and from the Mother of the Bride.

The 2008 Elections and life on the election trail
hillary clinton memoir
An anonymous source has told the Post there would be no mention of the 2008 election in Clinton's new memoir, but we're hoping that's just a fake out. We would rather read about Clinton's historic campaign run straight from her, rather than any biographer.

Her first days as Secretary of State
hillary clinton memoir
Getting insight from Clinton on her feelings about accepting Obama's offer to be Secretary of State could be the ultimate "Lean In" career story.

How, if at all, her and Bill's marriage changed during the election and after
hillary clinton memoir
Say what you will about the Clintons and their marriage, but we enjoy the humor, matter-of-factness and honesty the two have shared in the past about their ever-evolving roles as partners on the world stage and at home. Their relationship has dealt with its fair share of drama and change -- we'd like to learn how they continue to make their marriage work in this next stage of their lives.

Her health scare
hillary clinton memoir
In December 2012, Hillary Clinton suffered a concussion after fainting from dehydration. The incident occurred right before the former Secretary of State was supposed to testify in front of Congress on the events around the September assassination and attack in Bengazhi, Libya, leading some to speculate if it were a stalling tactic. That aside, we'd be interested in hearing Clinton talk about her health scare in relation to her mortality. How did she feel to have to slow down after decades of constant moving and traveling in the pursuit of career success and global change?

What would you like to read in Hillary Clinton's memoir? Tell us your ideas in the comments.


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