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Hispanics Create Unique Beer Flavors With Culturally Inspired Names

While the craft beer scene in South Florida is literally brewing, Hispanics introduce unique beer flavors and culturally-inspired beer names to the market.

Craft beer with flavors inspired by Hispanic culture

Tampa’s Cigar City Brewing boasts a Jose Marti beer, named after the famous Cuban leader, poet and revolutionary. Marti was admired by Tampa cigar rollers because of his support of cigar factory workers and passionate speeches backing Cuban independence. This high gravity porter dons a pretty bitter taste and is definitely a craft beer aficionado’s beer. It’s high in hops and has a slightly roasted/chocolaty flavor to it. Although today’s porters, dark style beers originating in the 18th century, are not usually as hop-heavy, beer from Marti’s time would have tasted kind of like the one bearing his namesake. It checks in at 8 percent A.B.V.

But if you’re less of a history buff and more of a latte lover, Cigar City Brewing also features a Cubano-style Expresso Brown Ale (available occasionally). This rich brown ale dons the aroma of Cuban-style roasted espresso beans, toffee, traces of dry nuttiness and sweet caramel. It’s A.B.V. is not too high at 5.5 percent.

Miami’s 4th Age Brewing serves you dessert in a glass and does it in the style abuela would, with their ¿Flan? beer, a sweet milk stout that aims to recreate the taste of your favorite childhood postre. It’s dark in appearance and has a creamy body. To mimic the taste of actual flan a layer of caramel sauce is added at the end of primary fermentation. It’s A.B.V. is 9.5 percent.

But if you’re not a Flan? Maybe you are a Mango. And let’s face it in South Florida everybody’s a mango. This light beer, thick head and golden in appearance delivers the fresh scent of mango and subtle hints of orange and coriander. The flavor is classically tropical, vibrant and possesses a dash of citrus to balance out the sweetness. It’s A.B.V. is 7.2 percent.

Wynwood Brewing Company’s La Rubia, is a blonde ale with a light refreshing quality to it. It’s smooth, golden in color and is brewed with alt, a special yeast known to produce clean, crisp and fruity after notes. But wait! Before you drink it take a few minutes to inhale the beer’s sweet aroma. It’s too delicious to miss. It’s A.B.V. is 4.4 percent.

Most Wanted Brewing’s Pink Posse’s a pale ale with a tart flavor and is crafted with lemon peels and dried hibiscus flowers. The beer is actually pink in color and was inspired by a Mexican tea, agua de Jamaica, its cranberry-ish taste makes it very drinkable and leaves you wondering “Is this really beer?”

But if you have doubts Crimin Ale is a wit bier, beers brewed with lots of wheat, infused with honey from bees that pollenate the locally-invasive Brazilian pepper tree found in the Everglades. Made with 25 percent barley and 75 percent wheat, you can pour yourself a glass and sample the taste of the river of grass. Both beers check in at 5.5 percent A.B.V.

You can read more about Hispanics who have started their own craft beer breweries, which include some of the beers we list above, here.

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