04/04/2013 04:31 pm ET

On the Hunt With New York's Subway Matchmaker

It's a bitterly cold winter night in Harlem and I'm cruising the streets for black men. This was no ordinary drunken-sex mission, though. Tonight, I’m co-piloting my first professional manhunt with New York City matchmaker Erika Christensen.

Known professionally as “The Love Conductor,” the 31-year-old has the perfect personality for this line of work. She’s charming, spunky, and positive, like an overwhelmingly likable aerobics instructor from the eighties. It also doesn't hurt that she's approachable and pretty in a Wasp-dream-girl sort of way: ski slope nose, light hair and eyes. Within five minutes of hanging out with her, I lose all journalistic decorum and confess, “I really want us to be friends.”

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