04/05/2013 03:23 pm ET Updated Apr 05, 2013

America's Most 'Life-Changing' Hot Dog: Chicago Wiener Named Nation's Best By Esquire (PHOTOS)

Chicago already nabbed Esquire's highest praise for its "life-changing" pizza, and the Windy City proves once again it's top dog when it comes to wieners.

Wednesday, Esquire wrapped another chapter in its "Eat Like A Man" series, this time chasing down the tastiest hot dogs in America, and giving Chicago's Superdawg the much-vaunted title of the "Most Life-Changing Hot Dog" in America.

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The 65-year-old restaurant led the pack by a wide margin in Esquire's poll, followed next by Houston's Good Dog, as well several New York wiener joints and another Chicago favorite, Hot Doug's.

When it first began its search for the holy grail of hot dogs, Esquire wrote:

"An argument can be made that [the hot dog is] one of the most quintessentially American foods we consume: in true bootstrapping, multicultural American fashion, the inventor of the hot dog took ingredients from his mother country, recombined them in an unhealthy and dangerously habit-forming manner, and made a buck."

Don Drucker, the son-in-law of founders Flaurie and Maurie Berman who handles Superdawg's day-to-day operations, told HuffPost the news was an "honor" and called the designation "thrilling and very humbling."

"It's been an exciting couple of days here," Drucker said. "We just come to work everyday and run our business and try to put out the best quality product that we know how to do. To be named America's most life-changing hot dog when we just do what we do its really humbling to us and the family."

Drucker said the business has been life-changing for long-time loyal customers in ways not quantified in a reader poll.

"You'll hear stories from [customers] like 'there's no better place to get a hot dog,'" said Drucker. "People proposed to their wife here, went in to labor here, had their first date here. Now they bring their grandkids here. Not only then are we serving generations, the family itself is generational."

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Superdawg's Chicago location is at 6363 N. Milwaukee Ave.

Esquire's "Most Life-Changing" Hot Dogs In America