04/05/2013 05:15 am ET Updated Apr 05, 2013

'Community': Sophie B. Hawkins Dance Gives Abed A Chance For Romance (VIDEO)

In true "Community" fashion, the Greendale gang's decision to throw a Sadie Hawkins dance took a weird detour, after Britta decided that they should organize the party in honor of a true feminist: Sophie B. Hawkins.

Though the rest of the study group was pretty sure she meant Susan B. Anthony, it wouldn't be "Community" unless Britta managed to totally Britta an event.

Still, the confusion worked in everyone's favor when the real Sophie B. Hawkins showed up to perform, and Abed had a heartwarming moment with a suitably awkward girl named Rachel, who actually seemed interested in going on a date with our lovable weirdo.

TVOvermind had one word for the romance -- "aww!" -- and was suitably impressed with Hawkins' appearance.

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