04/05/2013 10:03 am ET

Frank Gehry's Facebook Building: Architect Asked To Make 'Anonymous' Design... And More Art News

Frank Gehry is known for his flashy style, like the eye-catching Walt Disney Concert Hall in Los Angeles and the iconic Bilbao Guggenheim Museum in Spain. So it might be surprising that the starchitect's newest client, Facebook, is requesting an "anonymous" design for the company's new headquarters, which the Silicon Valley Business Journal reports will be "the world’s largest single-room building."

According to Wired, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerburg rejected any added flair for his new building, dubbed Facebook West. He'll have none of Gehry's signature butterfly wing edges or ostentatious protruding walls; instead, the company is hoping that their 433,555-square-foot-building will blend in with preexisting surroundings of Menlo Park, California.

They felt some of those things were too flashy and not in keeping with the kind of the culture of Facebook, so they asked us to make it more anonymous,” said Gehry's partner, Craig Webb, during a city council meeting to approve the building's construction. "Frank (Gehry) was quite willing to tone down some of the expression of architecture in the building."

So what constitutes "anonymous," you ask? Webb explained at a city council meeting last year: "A building that blends into the neighborhood, that doesn't call attention to itself."

What do you think readers? Is Gehry the best candidate to design an understated building in California? Scroll through images of preliminary designs below and let us know your opinion in the comments.


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