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Omarosa: 'Celebrity Apprentice' Star And Former Reality-TV Villain Becomes Ordained Baptist Minister (VIDEO)

After first appearing on "The Apprentice" in 2004, Omarosa became known as the reality TV star audiences loved to hate. She embraced life in the public eye, participating in 10 more reality shows in one year, as well as appearing on scripted television. But Omarosa, formerly reality TV's number-one bad girl, says she now has a new calling in life: preaching the word of God.

In this clip from "Oprah: Where Are They Now," Omarosa explains that even though her reality TV appearances led to some unflattering labels, she wasn't affected by being called a villain. "I never accepted those titles," she says in the clip. "It didn't define who I was. I was always bigger than my reality TV character."

As Omarosa's fame grew, so did her opportunities, allowing her to travel the world doing missionary work. One of her stops, West Africa, is where her life changed.

"I found myself alone in an orphanage… There was a child there, and she had HIV/AIDS and she was dying," Omarosa recalls. "And it was at that moment, looking into the face and the eyes of this dying child that I received my call to ministry."

Upon returning home, Omarosa put her television career on hold and enrolled in the seminary full time. This move surprised and confused members of the public, who still viewed Omarosa as the polarizing contestant on reality TV. "There were people who felt like because I had done this show ages ago, that maybe that disqualified me from the ministry," she says. "I mean, I got tons and tons of support from around the world, but, boy, did I hear from the critics."

To her critics, Omarosa has a clear message. "They underestimate the power of God's ability to transform a person's life," she says. "In the blink of an eye, God can come into your situation and turn your life around."

Having become an ordained Baptist minister in 2012, Omarosa says she is happy to have found such an important calling. She says, "It's not like that frivolous reality TV stuff. This is real lives being changed."

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