04/08/2013 07:19 am ET Updated Apr 08, 2013

Sh*t My Male Best Friends Say

I find myself pretty consistently surrounded by women. Many of my friends are female and I work with mostly women. (I know, I know, you're probably shocked that none of the HuffPost Women editors are dudes.) I adore my friends and colleagues with the XX chromosomes, but recently I've realized that all of the time I spend with other women makes me appreciate my few closest male friends all the more.

There's something special about my relationships with these men -- like Harry and Sally but without the sexual tension or the doubt about whether men and women can be friends. As I was flipping through some of our old text messages and emails recently, it occurred to me that they're not only great and supportive friends, but they also have some fairly priceless insights into my life (and their own).

Below is a non-exhaustive list of "Sh*t My Male Best Friends Say":

On my career:
"You should write an article about vajazzling."
"If you would have written about 'Gangnam Style' when I sent it to you, you would have started the trend."

On music:
"Am I listening to Florence and the Machine and am I not afraid to admit that? Yes and yes."

On women:
"I truly am in love with Mila Kunis."
"Tami Taylor is clearly a dime."

On Bar Mitzvahs:
"I would kill for one of those food buffets right now."

After missing a call from me:
"I was drifting into a peaceful sleep. Did something crazy happen?"

On hanging out (at age 25):
"My mom is out of town. Party at her house -- like old times."

On Religion:
"Oh right, you’re keeping Pesach. You weirdo."

On home decor (and humility):
"Look at me! I’m decorating!"

On going to bars in Midtown East:
"Make sure to have multiple collars popped and to get hit on by dudes who still think that they're in frats."

After a breakup:
"Emma, you’re a good woman."

On this article:
"I just think that it's kind of BS that you keep mooching off of us for articles you want to write but refuse to take our recommendations for article ideas. And you absolutely can quote me on that one."

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