04/05/2013 04:47 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Catchpole And Rye's Swarovski-Encrusted Bathtub Can Be All Yours For $228,000 (PHOTOS)

There are definitely things well worth $200,000 -- a house for instance. Or, for some people, a Swarovski-encrusted bathtub.

The craftsmen at Catchpole and Rye have created the $228,000 "Crystal Bateau," made from cast metal and thousands of crystals. Because really, is there any other way to clean yourself? Sure there is. You can buy their "Baby Bateau" version, which is smaller and only costs $182,000 (now we're talking).

swarovski bathtub

Catchpole & Rye

swarovski bathtub

Catchpole & Rye

According to their website, the design was created in December of 2011 and is being sold exclusively at Harrods in London. But, a year and a half later, it's still a hot commodity-- because bathing yourself in an over-the-top vessel never gets old -- just ask heiress Tamara Ecclestone.

Click through our slideshow to see photos of crazy bathroom accessories. And be sure to head over to the Daily Mail and Jezebel for more information.

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