04/08/2013 07:39 pm ET Updated Apr 09, 2013

Fight Breaks Out At Miami Crime Scene; Police Punch Bystander After Man Fatally Shot In Wynwood (VIDEO)

Police officers scuffled with several relatives who rushed the crime scene after a fatal shooting in Miami -- and one detective punched a man in the face after he was removed from the area protected by yellow police tape.

The tense situation unfolded after 25-year-old Brandon Walker was gunned down near 3rd Avenue and NW 22nd Street in Wynwood Monday afternoon.

Footage from hovering news helicopters showed a man identified by the Miami Herald as the victim's older brother break through the crime scene tape and sprint toward Walker's tarp-covered body as officers gave chase.

Police grabbed the brother just as he reached the body, the ensuing scuffle sending evidence markers flying. Additional officers converged on the group and a second bystander, identified as Walker's younger brother, ran into the fray.

The younger brother was placed in a headlock by Detective Fernando Bosch, who pushed him backward out of the crime scene, then punched him several times as they struggled at the perimeter.

Footage shows the pair separate and the brother appear to raise his hands to his head before Bosch punched him again in the face, sending him to the ground.

A woman identified as Walker's mother then ran through the crime scene tape to the body, but was grabbed by police just before lifting the tarp. Another bystander then ushered her away.

Witnesses told WSVN that the men had been combative with police, and Miami Police spokesman Sgt. Freddie Cruz said that the younger brother had struck police several times.

"Not only did he contaminate our scene, but he was combative with the officers, and the officers were struck several times, as well," Cruz said, according to WSVN. "That's the information they're gathering right now. The officers have a duty to act. They have a duty to respond."

NBC 6 reports Walker's body was riddled with bullets.

"They told me the shooter stood over him and shot him several times as he lay on the ground,” Walker’s step-aunt Patricia Lammos told the Herald. "He didn’t deserve to die this way; he was so young."

Charges against those who rushed the crime scene are pending.

This post has been updated with new information including the identities of those involved.