04/08/2013 10:47 am ET

Nicki Minaj Skips Tour To Make New Music And Promote Products

Nicki Minaj says she has a heavy load this year, which means she won't be heading out on the road anytime soon.

The 30-year-old rapper recently told MTV News that she doesn't expect to have time to tour this year, instead needing to focus on making new music and promoting the products she's launching.

"I don't think I can," Minaj said when asked whether she'll embark on a tour. "I really would love to, but I don't think I'll have the time. It's a lot."

Minaj's self-described "business side" is currently working on a clothing line, a drink and speakers. Her artistic side is concentrating on creating new music before returning to the stage.

“I also want to be here so I can write,” the "Super Bass" singer said. “I obviously am going to start working on the third album very, very soon. I’m getting beats as we speak. I just haven’t started writing, but that’s my biggest priority at this point.”

Minaj revealed that she will most likely drop the "Pink Friday" image that has accompanied her previous two albums.

"Even though I am the same now, my experiences have changed me in good ways, to be honest," she explained. "Like, I'm in a place now of being super grateful and appreciative for everything, and I want that to show in everything that I do. So the 'Pink Friday,' it's like a great chapter and I love it -- it represents new things. But I really want to start to a new era."

There is a possibility the album will be called "Pink Friday: The Pink Print" or just "The Pink Print," but Minaj admitted she may not want the word "pink" to be included at all.

Minaj is also preoccupied by her current judging stint on "American Idol," which doesn't conclude its season until May 15.

Watch Minaj discuss the show with MTV News here, and check out the video for her new song "High School," featuring Lil Wayne.

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